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"I never knew that a place on earth could be that beautiful...so much incredible sea life. I saw over a hundred different species of fish. I also had no clue how fun it is to sail." Michael van der Voort, 1997 Participant

"I loved going and staying on a sail boat...This was a chance for me to go somewhere I never thought possible! I learned about many types of fish, all with amazing characteristics. I saw schools of dolphins and manta rays jumping, which was so cool! I even came face to face with sea lions! It really was the coolest trip ever."  -Christopher Sica, 1998 Participant

"ExploraMar was an incredible trip for me. I am really into marine biology, so the trip was an incredible experience. By the end of the trip, I had written down 107 different marine species...the colors were amazing, and the amount of life was staggering! Bonni got me absolutely hooked on sailing, which I was never interested in before. I got the greatest thrill when I was steering the boat, with the wind blowing past my face."   - Bekka Rosenbaum, 1999 Participant

A Typical Day

Each crew member shares responsibility for the success of the voyage by performing different tasks daily: assisting in meal preparation, keeping a personal log, or serving as "skipper of the day," first mate or navigator.

After a hearty breakfast, the "skipper of the day" calls for a cruise meeting, where the course is discussed and plotted. Practice in sailing maneuvers is followed by a morning snorkel tour. We then set sail for two hours, trolling for fish along the way to the lunch, siesta and snorkeling anchorage where the boat moors from about noon to 4 p.m. The southerly, cool Coromuel breezes arrive daily at about that time during the summer, filling the sails to bring us to the evening destination. We again fish en route.

Porcupine Puffer

On shore, we enjoy beachcombing, cave and tide pool exploration, and other hands-on science activities. Throughout the day, extensive marine species identification discussions take place, as well as open dialogues on a variety of topics ranging from sailing techniques, terms, and marine knots to oceanography, geology, Spanish, art, music and local history. After dinner, time is allotted to reflect on the day's activities in a personal log.


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