surgeonfish schoolA Glimpse of Sea Life

Unique oceanographic and geologic features help make the Sea of Cortez one of the most diverse and prolific seas in the world, where thousands of tropical and temperate animal species are well represented. There is a wide variety of habitats, ranging from coral reefs and mangrove lagoons to shallow basins and numerous types of shoreline. Here you will find fish and other marine animals in abundance -- invertebrates, rays, sailfish, marlin, tuna, sea turtles, sea lions and whales. Dolphins commonly play at the bow of the boat while we are under sail.Sealion Snorkel



One of the keys to appreciating and understanding any natural system is the knowledge of the organisms that are present and the ecological roles they play. It is ExploraMar's hope that introducing young people to the Sea of Cortez will inspire a discipline of conservation, and a love of the ocean and the life it supports.


Short Fin Pilot Whale
Shortfin Pilot Whale  (Globicephala macrorhynchus)

Underwaterfall                                                         Moray Eel   
                                                                                       Panamic Green Moray (Gymnothorax castaneus)

        Seastar                                         Moorish Idols
Bradley's Sea Star (Mithrodia bradleyi)                                     Moorish Idols (Zanclus canescens)


 Crown of Thorns


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