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The sailing waters of Mexico's Gulf of California are nothing short of amazing. Also known as the Sea of Cortez, the "Golfo de California" is the body of water between the Mexican mainland and the Baja Peninsula, open to the Pacific Ocean at the southern end. The scenery is truly spectacular -- rocky coves leading up to towering mountains, the sea studded with beautiful islands, home to singular fishing villages. The aquamarine water here has visibility extending 75 to 100 feet, ideal for observing the area's abundant sea life.

      Sunset...ahhhhh            at anchor

Staying inside the protected waters between near-shore islands and the Baja Peninsula, our journey begins at La Paz, the "City  of Peace," and typically heads north toward Loreto before doubling back to La Paz. ExploraMar will take you to this area's most beautiful sites in a marine biology and sailing adventure that is awe-inspiring, just a 2 hour flight from Los Angeles.

Ahhh...the Weather

With dry, hot days on the teeming waters at the edge of the desert, the average air temperature in the summer is in the mid 80s to low 90s. The very low humidity makes the days comfortable should temperatures reach 100 degrees. At night under clear, starry skies, cool breezes prevail, with temperatures dropping to the mid 70s.

The water temperature is a pleasant 80-85 degrees.

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