Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the weather like?
     The temperature can range from the mid 80's to the high 90's. However, the humidity is generally low, so it never feels too hot. Every late afternoon, the Coromuel breezes flow from West to East, providing for very comfortable evenings. The water temperature is in the 80's.

2. Do you SCUBA dive?
     No. The amount of equipment that would be needed for ten people cannot easily be stowed on a sailboat. With water visibility extending up to 100', we are able to identify about 100+ species of fish and invertebrates while snorkeling in water ranging from 3' - 10' or so.

3. Do you serve anything besides fish at meals?
     Yes, we offer alternatives to fish (steak, chicken, burgers, etc.) at dinner, as well as vegetarian options. We have healthy snacks available throughout the day.

4. Does anyone get seasick?
     We have only had a few students sick on a couple of occasions over the past six years. Generally, the waters we sail in are very calm, with seas of only about 2-3 feet. In all cases, once we anchor and jump in the water, any queasy feelings disappear.

5. Do I have to get to Baja on my own?
     No. Tom escorts students down on the flight between Los Angeles and La Paz, Baja in order to make the immigration and customs procedures go smoothly. Students do fly back to Los Angeles on their own, but it is only a 2-hour non-stop flight. We stay at the La Paz International Airport until their plane has departed. It is much easier getting back to California and going through U.S. Customs compared to the trip down, and the entire group travels back together, having made new friendships over the past eight days. They tend to "stick together".

6. How old do I have to be in order to participate?
     Our program is designed for 13-17 year-olds.

7. How much does the trip cost? How long is the trip?
     The cost this year (2002) for the 8-day session is $1,850.00, and everything is included except airfare. The roundtrip flight between Los Angeles and La Paz is about $325.

8. Why does the trip cost so much?
     We charter two, fully-equipped sailing yachts per session, for approximately $6500 each. In addition, we are required to have have Mexican permits and yacht insurance, and many of the provisions we stock that are produced in the United States are more expensive in Mexico. We also hire a cook for each yacht to allow us to spend more time with the students. We are striving to keep ExploraMar small, so that we can ensure top-quality education, supervision and fun, and because we limit the number of students, our cost per student is higher than other, similar sailing adventures. We also feel it is important that we, the owners of ExploraMar, actively participate in the daily operations aboard the yachts.

9. What about sleeping arrangements?
     The reason we use two boats per session is so that we can accomodate girls sleeping on one boat, boys on another. However, during the day, we mix the boys/girls up so they benefit from both Tom and Bonni's expertise. Both yachts sail together in tandem and anchor together, within fifty feet or so of each other.